Services Offered

Applications Development & Quality Assurance

Growing digitalization and an increased focus on on demand services, have prompted companies to rapidly launch enterprise applications offering a consistent user experience across devices.

Bitkemy Technologies services include:

  • Mobile, Web and Enterprise Applications Development
  • UI & Full stack Development
  • Software Testing (Manual Testing and Automation Testing)

ERP Consulting and Implementation

Companies across industries are upgrading to faster, more efficient technology tools to improve the agility of their business processes. Bitkemy Technologies comprise a comprehensive team of Consultants specializing Process Consulting and IT Consulting.

Bitkemy Technologies, with its strong expertise and thorough understanding of industry verticals helps customers in digital transformation of processes, operations with best strategies.

Cloud, Infrastructure & Security

Organizations are increasingly seeking solutions such as Cloud Migration, Cybersecurity and On-Demand Services, to reduce costs as well as to increase the Operational Efficiency.

Bitkemy Technologies can help companies quickly build a secure and efficient Cloud and Infrastructure portfolio. Enterprises can significantly boost their operational efficiency by leveraging our robust Cloud Infrastructure and Application Migration Services.

Big Data & Data Analytics

Today’s organizations need applications capable of managing high volumes and high velocity of data in both structured and unstructured formats also in real-time or processed in batches.

Bitkemy Technologies helps clients with:

  • Draw insights from Big Data in real-time / processed in batch
  • Respond in real time to current business needs
  • Use predictive analytics to stay ahead of the curve