At Bitkemy Technologies, we offer different models for commercial engagement that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. You are invited to select one of our models or some combination of them, depending on your project phase and needs. At a broad level, we have the following engagement models:

Fixed Price Model

The Fixed Price model is best suited where the scope of work is clearly and completely defined. This model allows customers to pay a fixed price for all milestones and deliverables. The project plan clearly specifies the scope, costs, deliverables and schedule; any scope changes during project execution would impact schedule and cost.

Staff Augmentation Model

In this model, we allocate engineers to customer’s project to work under complete supervision of customer. Bitkemy engineers work along with customer’s in-house engineering team. The contract is fixed for an agreed duration and price. Customer is billed per month for every engineer deployed in the project.

Offshore Development Center

In this model, we allocate a complete team to the client’s project. This dedicated facility acts as an extended virtual team to client’s in house team. Rights to the IPR developed in our development center vests with the customer. This model also delivers cost effective solution to customers requiring continuous offshore development and support.

Hybrid Model

Apart from the standard mentioned models, Bitkemy also offers various other variations to meet customer needs / business goals. Some of these are like Risk-Reward model , BoT model (Build-Operate-Transfer) etc. These are offered on special case basis. Please get in touch with us regarding your project needs for further discussions.