Elements of a good Pitch Deck

Below is a check list of some good to have sections in your pitch deck, take a quick look.


a. Company Details: Name
b. Founder’s Details: Name, Phone No., Email, LinkedIn Profile

Problem Statement

Define the problem that you have identified.

Your Solution

  1. How is your product/service solving the said problem?
  2. Who are your Target Customers?

Your Team

a. Who is in your team?
b. A brief about them and their experience &background.

Your Business Model

a. The Total Market Size
b. Your Go-To Market Strategy
c. The Company’s Revenue Model

The Existing Market

a.Competitive Analysis

  • Who are your competitors?

b.Your Position

  • Where is your position in the market with reference to competition?

Financial Plan

a.    A snapshot of your revenue projections


a. How much fund are you in need of?
b. How would you use the fund?

For e.g.

  1. For building/improving your technology infrastructure
  2. For hiring

c. Have you raised any funds before?
d. Who was the Investor?
e. How much have you raised?

Full Name


Linkedin Profile

Name of the Startup


Attach Business Plan (.pdf, .ppt, .pptx) Max Size: 25 Mb